One of the EDUSCIENCE objectives is to provide teachers at schools across Poland with guidance on the latest methods of effective learning. Today most teachers when asked if it is useful to teach facts or skills will probably respond that skills are the key. However we have still been looking for answers how to do it efficiently. Under the EDUSCIENCE project we cooperate with Colin Rose, the world-renowned expert on effective learning and British government advisor in matters of education. In the methodology offered by us we often refer to his experience. The methodology of the EDUSCIENCE project is aimed to facilitate and improve the learning and teaching of all participants in the educational process: both teachers, school pupils and parents. We have prepared a lot of tools to be used in day-to-day work at school. The project is also to raise awareness of children commencing their school education how they should learn to make use of their intelligence, abilities and skills to solve problems at their best. The project will help children to develop abilities and skills to interpret the world and the symbols used for its description. The suggested ways to develop children's abilities and skills are intended to lead to positive changes in their personality. Children start to plan, organise, enjoy, openly present their point of view, and above all, believe in themselves as well as their abilities and skills. Methodological support in the project is multi-faceted. The main components which comprise it are as follows:

  • methodological guides for teachers,
  • e-guides - diagnostic tools for school pupils and parents,
  • methodical materials at the,
  • interactive tools which are available at the EDUSCIENCE platform,
  • teaching curricula.